Worksite Radio/Charger

Heavy Duty Worksite Radio/Charger, 1 Hour Charger For 7.2V To 18V Dewalt NiCd Battery Packs, Except UniVolt Batteries, AM/FM Digital Tuner With LCD Display, Built In Clock & 8 Station Memory Presets, Dual Pivoting 11" Flexible Antenna Provides Durability & Reception, High Efficiency Weather Resistant Speakers With Dual Bass Ports, Auxiliary Port Allows Connection To CD Players, MP3 Players & Portable Satellite Receivers With An Audio Cable, Cable Not Included, Runs Off Of 12V & 18V, Not 7.2V, Dewalt Batteries Making It A Cordless Radio, Dewalt 3 Stage Charging System Provides Maximum Run Time & Extends Overall Life Of The Battery, For Replacement Battery Use TV #770-495.

Part Number 123974